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Select Library Blogs

I'm Susan Herzog, Information Literacy Librarian @ Eastern Connecticut State University. This blog is part of my BlogBib, submitted to The Reference Librarian.

Criteria for selection included currency, focus (blogs that were more personal than professional were excluded), pioneers and experts, and representative blogs from various types of libraries and from various countries. Only English language blogs were included.

Akerman, Richard. “Science Library Pad.”

Akerman, technology architect and information security officer, National Research Council-Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, blogs on a wide variety of issues (not just science!).

Aron, Guy. "eprintblog."

Maintained by Aron, an academic librarian in Melbourne, Australia, this blog focuses on E-print archives in universities and colleges.

Bailey, Charles W. Jr. “Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog.”

This blog highlights new resources from the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography.

Balkin, Ruth. “Legal Marketing Off the Shelf.”

Balkin, Legal Industry Marketing Specialist, Rochester, N.Y.'s Balkin Library & Information Services, created a blog for legal publishers, law firm administrators and marketers.

Baumgart, Jessica. “j's scratchpad.”

Baumgart, one of the Harvard bloggers, is Information Resources Specialist at the Harvard News Office, Cambridge, MA. While her blog is of particular interest to special librarians, she blogs on a wide range of library issues.

Bell, Steven J. “The Kept-Up Academic Librarian.”

Bell, Director, Gutman Library, Philadelphia University (PA) and Adjunct Professor at the Drexel University College of Information Science and Technology, started a blog “Helping Academic Librarians ‘Keep Up’ With News and Developments In Higher Education: One of my passions is ‘keeping up.’ This means finding sources that will help me and professional colleagues to have access to sources of news, developments, trends, and more - about librarianship and related fields. It also means exploring and discovering technologies that will make keeping up easier and more efficient.”

Bigwood, David. “Catalogablog.”

Library cataloging issues, concerns, and related topics from Bigwood, Assistant Manager of Library Services, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX, and the liaison between the Cataloging Committee and the Physics Astronomy Mathematics (PAM) Division in the Special Libraries Association.

Block, Marylaine. “Neat New Stuff on the Net - Weekly Reviews of New Sites.”

Block, prolific writer and inspiring speaker, creator of Best Information on the Net, O'Keefe Library, St. Ambrose University, selects “usually free sites of substantial reference value, authoritative, browsable, searchable, and packed with information, whether educational or aimed at answering everday questions. I'll also include one or two sites that are just fun.”

Bowman, Elizabeth A. “Thacher Library Blog.”

Bowman, Library Director, James G. Boswell Library, The Thacher School, Ojai, CA, posts “links to high-quality web sites, services and resources within the James G. Boswell Library at The Thacher School.”

Boyle, Kate. “ILL News.”

Boyle, ILL Manager, Suburban Library System, Burr Ridge, IL, blogs about myriad ILL issues.

Bradley, Phil. “Phil Bradley's Blog.”

Bradley, UK Information Specialist and Internet Consultant, writes a monthly column for the CILIP Update magazine and a quarterly column on search engines for Ariadne. His blog is “For librarians and people interested in search engines, searching the net, designing web pages, new utilities and so on. Short commentaries, keeping you up to date with the world of internet search and design.”

Calishain, Tara. “ResearchBuzz.”

Written and edited by Calishain, a prolific writer, who started ResearchBuzz to support the 2nd edition of her first book on Internet research, Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research, published by Ventana in 1996. “ResearchBuzz is designed to cover the world of Internet research. To that end this site provides almost daily updates on search engines, new data managing software, browser technology, large compendiums of information, Web directories -- whatever. If in doubt, the final question is, ‘Would a reference librarian find it useful?’ If the answer's yes, in it goes!”

Carver, Blake. “LISNews.”

November 2, 1999, assisted by fellow librarian Steve Galbraith, and programmer Nabeal Ahmed, Carver, now Assistant Professor and Web Librarian, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, started a “collaborative weblog devoted to current events and news in the world of Library and Information Science. A dedicated team of authors scours the Web to find stories they find interesting. You'll find links to interesting stories and Web sites, along with original stories, interviews and reviews. LISNews is updated frequently around the clock, usually 7 days a week. We are a non-commercial site, supported by our users.” To learn a bit about the collaborators, see

Center, Emily. “Framingham Public Library Teen Blogomatic.”

Center, YA librarian, Framingham Public Library, Framingham, MA: “Framingham Public Library Young Adult Blog (fplya)! - the place for reading tips, book chats, library events, groovy websites, news, and more - all put together by your friendly neighborhood YA librarian!”

Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative. “Become A Librarian!”

This is a creative use of a blog by the Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative to recruit librarians to the field.

Chew, Ivan. “Rambling Librarian :: Incidental Thoughts.”

Chew, National Library Board member and manager of Bukit Merah, one of Singapore’s many community libraries writes about his passion, public librarianship. His “main professional interest is in library services for People with Disabilities.”

Chicago Ridge Public Library. “Teen Cafe Blog.”

Subtitled “News And Books For The Teens Of Chicago Ridge Public Library”, this is an excellent example of outreach to library patrons from an IL public library.

Chudnov, Dan. “oss4lib.”

Chudnov, Systems Architect, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT: “Our mission is to cultivate the collaborative power of open source software engineering to build better and free systems for use in libraries. Toward this end, we maintain a listing of free software and systems designed for libraries (the physical, books-on-shelves kind), and we track news about project updates or related issues of interest.”

Clyde, L. Anne. “The Internet Courses: Weblogs.”

Professor and Chair of the Library and Information Science Department at the University of Iceland, Reykjavík, where she teaches courses related to information technology in libraries and information agencies, Clyde is the most prolific European writer and presenter on blogging and libraries. This web site includes information and articles about weblogs, directories and guides to Weblogs, and a huge list of links to library and non-library weblogs.

Cohen, Steven M. “Library Stuff.”

Cohen, Assistant Librarian for Rivkin, Radler, LLP, Uniondale, NY, is the creator of Library Stuff, a library weblog “dedicated to resources for keeping current and professional development”. He is also the “Internet Spotlight” columnist for Public Libraries magazine, and his first book, Keeping Current – Advanced Internet Strategies to Meet Librarian and Patron Needs, was published by ALA in October, 2003. He also was honored in 2004 as one of 55 "Movers and Shakers" by Library Journal.

Coleman, Anita. “ASC Online.“ http://radio.weblogs.com/0109575/.

Coleman, Assistant Professor, School of Information Resources & Library Science, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, uses her blog for Information Science & Technology education and mentoring for LIS graduates.

Coombs, Karen A. “Library Chic.”

Coombs, Electronic Services Librarian, SUNY Cortland, blogs about web design and technology in libraries; she has a section, "On the BLeading Edge ", where she experiments with various web technologies.

Delaney, Patrick. “Li-Blog-Ary.”

Delaney, librarian at the Galileo Academy of Science and Technology, San Francisco, CA, a public science magnet high school, has a blog for “the library’s digital daily agenda.”

Dempsey, Lorcan. “Lorcan Dempsey's weblog.”

Dempsey, Vice President of Research and Chief Strategist for OCLC, has a blog subtitled, “On libraries, services and networks.”

Dennie, Danielle. "LibrarianActivist.org."

Dennie, Science Librarian, Université du Québec, Montréal, Canada, started this blog in order to “offer resources to librarians who want to be active in political and social issues surrounding libraries and librarianship” and “to offer a forum where librarians can let others know of events that they have organized or of resolutions they have passed in their organizations relating to political or social issues.”

Dunneback, Katie. “The Young Librarian.”

The Young Librarian website is to be a resource for librarians who are young and/or new to the LIS field. It is also to be an opportunity for those interested in publishing in the LIS field.” Cited as one of the new blogs to watch by Frederick Emrich at commons-blog.

Dupuis, John. “Confessions of a Science Librarian.”

Dupuis, Science & Electronic Resources Librarian at Steacie Science Library, York University, Toronto, ON, Canada, “features links and pointers to information of interest to academic science librarians.”

Dysart, Jane I., Rebecca J. Jones, and Marydee Ojala. “DysartJones.com.”

Dysart & Jones, consultants in information management, strategic and business planning, service design, organizational structuring and market positioning, conference planning, information audit, customized workshops, facilitation, team and management coaching, maintain this blog on myriad library and information issues. Ojala, Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals, often posts from the conferences they’re all deeply involved with organizing: KMWorld, Internet Librarian, and Computers in Libraries.

Eastman, Garrett. “Rowland Institute Library Blog.”

One of the Harvard blogs, “this is the weblog of the Rowland Institute at Harvard Library, maintained by Garrett Eastman, Librarian. Here I will post links to websites, articles and resources of interest to Rowland scientists as well as material about issues concerning science libraries.”

Edwards, Eli. “Confessions of a Mad Librarian.”

Owned and maintained by Eli Edwards, this was cited as one of the new weblogs to watch by Frederick Emrich at commons-blog.

Emrich, Frederick. “commons-blog.”

commons-blog is an American Library Association-sponsored site collecting news, discussion, and commentary related to the information commons in theory and practice, along with announcements of updates to the info-commons.org main site.” commons-blog is edited by Emrich.

Etches-Johnson, Amanda. "blogwithoutalibrary.net."

Etches-Johnson, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, has a blog about what libraries are doing with blogs.

Etches-Johnson, Amanda. “libraries doing good things with blogs.”

Etches-Johnson’s list of library blogs, categorized by academic, public, school and special. “For now, government libraries and library consortia are listed under ‘special’ (unless the consortia exclusively consists of academic/public libraries).”

Francoeur, Stephen. “Digital Reference.”

Francoeur, Information Services Librarian, Baruch College, NY, focuses on virtual reference: “Chat reference = virtual reference = live online reference = real-time reference =REFERENCE (a Teaching Librarian blog).”

Frost, Gary. “futureofthebook.com.”

Frost, Conservator for the Libraries, University of Iowa, is an educator in book art and book conservation. He has taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia University, NY, and the University of Texas, Austin. His blog focuses on “preservation and persistence of the changing book.”


Frumkin, a metadata systems librarian, became the first person to hold the Gray Chair for Innovative Library Services in the Valley Library at Oregon State University. His blog addresses a wide range of library issues with the byline information, organization, and access.

Gateshead Libraries. "et cetera: gateshead libraries."

Blogging since 2001, Gateshead Libraries was the first UK public library blog.

Georgia State University Library. “Library News and Subject Blogs.”

If there was a prize for the library with the most blogs, Georgia State University Library would win; this is an outstanding example of the value of blogs in an academic library.

Grande Prairie Public Library District. “Youth Services @ GPPL.”

Subtitled “Lots o' stuff from the Youth Services team at the Grande Prairie Public Library District, serving Hazel Crest and Country Club Hills, IL”, this exceptional blog points the way to so many excellent topics and sites that youth will find it irresistible.

“The Handheld Librarian.”

"Librarians sharing news, applications, and ideas of interest with others working with handheld computer technology." Contributors include Tom Dennis, Mary Peterson, Lori Bell, Teri Ross Embrey, Tom Peters, Peg Burnette, and Barbara Fullerton.

Harwell, Jonathan. “Mesoj.”

Harwell, University of Alabama, Birmingham, decribes his blog as “an education blog from an education librarian. The Shqip word ‘mesoj’ from Albania, where your blogger was once a schoolteacher, has three alternate meanings: I learn, I study, or I teach.”

Hill, Casey. “NewPages.”

NewPages is the weblog of NewPages.com, the Portal of Independents! Coverage is “The Alternative Guide to New Books, Magazines & Music along with News & Views from the Net of Interest to Booksellers, Publishers, Librarians, Writers & Readers.”

Hilyer, Lee Andrew. “Interlibrary Loan.”

Hilyer, Assistant Director, Photocopy and InterLibrary Loan, Houston Academy of Medicine - Texas Medical Center Library, and author of Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery in the Larger Academic Library: A Guide for University, Research and Larger Public Libraries, started a blog “to test out and see how I like this method of communication, and secondly, because I think there's a need for a blog on new resources for Interlibrary Loan Departments.”

Houghton, Sarah. “LibrarianInBlack.” http://librarianinblack.typepad.com/librarianinblack/.

Houghton, e-Services Librarian, Marin County Free Library, San Rafael, CA, started her blog “out of my displeasure at having to wade through dozens of websites, blogs, & RSS feeds related to librarianship, technology, webmastery, and current issues to find those few posts that applied to me as a Tech Librarian. I hope this site can serve as a one-stop-shop for all us Techie Librarians...web design, technology news, library world news, reference stuff, funky gadgets, and other useful (or simply amusing) sites and posts.”

Huwe, Terry and Lincoln Cushing. “Laborblog.”

Huwe, Director of Library and Information Resources, and Cushing, Electronic Outreach Librarian, Institute of Industrial Relations Library, University of California, Berkeley are behind The Institute of Industrial Relations Library's Laborblog, “presented as a news and information service for the IIR community and other Internet users who may be interested in RSS news feeds, San Francisco Bay Area events, and related news covering labor and employment issues.”

Igbokwe, Obi. “The Health Informatics Blog.”

Igbokwe, principal consultant, Biomedical Informatics, Ltd., London, UK: “A blog for the latest on goings in the field of health informatics from Biohealthmatics.com. The healthcare sector is undergoing a major change as organizations make IT adoptions to improve the services they provide and reduce medical errors.”

Indiana State Library. “ISL BLOG IT!”

Perhaps the first state library to produce a blog.

Infopeople. “Wazzup?”

Wazzup? is a new blog from Infopeople “that will replace the ‘New on the Site’ section of the Infopeople website. Wazzup? will not only include information about new additions to the Infopeople website, but will present general news from and about Infopeople, and will also offer library-related information that various Infopeople staff members (hereafter referred to as ‘Infopeeps’) think might be of general interest.”

“Internet Scout Weblog.”

The Scout blog is from the Internet Scout Project: “In the course of our daily surfing for the Scout Reports we come across numerous interesting items that for some reason or another don't quite fit our selection criteria. Rather than just sharing these items with each other or allowing them to sink unnoticed beneath the digital sands, we decided to create the Internet Scout Weblog, a new and separate service to complement our Reports. Like most 'Blogs, the type and number of resources listed in the Internet Scout Weblog may vary considerably from day to day. Most of the items are culled from the academic sources we rely on for the Reports, but may also include general interest or pithy sites or stories that strike our fancy (or funnybone).”

Jacobs, James R. “diglet.”

diglet is a blog devoted to digital libraries. It is the frequently-updated online persona of the UCSD [University of California, San Diego] Digital Library Program Working Group's quarterly newsletter, Digital Letters, and is maintained by Jacobs, Government Information Librarian at UCSD's Social Sciences and Humanities Library. diglet posts contain links to digital library projects and organizations as well as to the ever-growing issues surrounding them -- digital rights management, copyright, and emerging technologies like xml etc.”

Johnson, Sarah and Rachel Singer Gordon. "Beyond the Job."

“Professional tips for librarians: Articles, job-hunting advice, professional development opportunities, and other news and ideas on how to further your library career…compiled by the Library Job People.”

Keansburg High School Library. “Keansburg High School Library Blog.”

Subtitled “A Daily Journal of Library Information for Students and Staff”, the purpose of this blog is to post daily news, links, and information as it relates to the Keansburg High School Library.

Kegley, Jay. “KEGLIOGRAPHY.”

Kegley, Reference Coordinator, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Columbus, OH, “has been building his checklist of where to look for the best Web content since November 1998. That month, he attended Information Today's Internet Librarian Conference and was inspired to begin reading the University of Wisconsin's weekly Scout Report. From there he has steadily added web site reviews to his source list and now checks about 30 review sites each week. He also scours major online magazine and newspaper indexes in his search for the top Web content of the week.”

King, David. “dave's blog.”

King, IT & Web Project Manager, Kansas City Public Library, Kansas City, MO, subtitles his blog: “Cool stuff about library web sites - usability, searching, new technologies, design ... and whatever else I decide to post :-)”.

Lavallée-Welch, Catherine. “EngLib.”

Lavallée-Welch, Electronic Resources Librarian of an Engineering and Physical Sciences Library: “EngLib is a way for me to pass along information of interest to Engineering and Applied Science librarians. You will see news about conferences, databases, vendors, professional associations, job openings and other news that I find interesting.”

Leggott, Mark. “LoomWare.”

Leggott, University Librarian, University of Winnipeg, MB, Canada, has a blog subtitled Crafting New Libraries, “a place for thoughts and findings related to my experiences in Library administration and the development of academic library resources and services…. The LoomWare title stems from some presentations I have given on managing libraries in a time of significant technological change. Loom stands for Library Object-Oriented Management, and the Ware refers to tools and techniques for implementing change. The basic concept is that, like programming, one must try things without discussing them to death to move forward. If a programmer started writing code only after they had sketched out the entire cosebase and considered all things that could happen, they would never start. The same is true of trying new things in libraries and educational environments in general.”

Leita, Carole. “Infojones.”

Leita, Internet pioneer, best known for her work with the California State Library Infopeople Project and originator of the Librarians' Index to the Internet, writes a blog “where this reference librarian acts out her addiction”: “Why a blog? Because I'm always running across useful and interesting items while using the web. I incorporate many into my way of working and others are just interesting to me. Thought I'd set up a blog as a way to learn more about blogging and to remember what I'd found and to share with whoever reads it.”

Levine, Jenny. “The Shifted Librarian.”

Levine, Internet Development Specialist at the Suburban Library System, Burr Ridge, IL, “has one simple goal: to help us librarians become as technologically adept as our users are so that we can deliver services to them when and where they wish to use them and in their preferred medium and platform. On her blog, Levine regularly posts information about ‘cool tools,’ along with comments about how librarians could use them in their daily tasks. Her blog also links to her PowerPoint presentation explaining the ‘shifted librarian’ concept.” Library Journal Movers & Shakers, March 15, 2003.

Lewis, Anna. “The Education Librarian.”

Lewis, Access Services Librarian, CIMC (Center for Instructional Materials and Computing), an education library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, describes her blog as “thinking about education and educators in a really organized way.”

Lorenzen, Michael. “The Information Literacy Land of Confusion.”

Lorenzen, Head of Reference Services, Park Library, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI has a blog “discussing library user education, library instruction, librarianship, information literacy, and search engines.”

Montgomery, Leigh and Alan Messmer. “Liblog.”

Liblog, written by Montgomery and Messmer, The Christian Science Monitor library staff, “offers information from quality online and print resources. Some of these resources have been used for background research for Monitor articles. Others are suggested as authoritative and current reference sources that readers may find valuable for their own research.”

Moraine Valley Community College Library. “The Library's New Blogs (and, What's a Blog?).”

This page introduces blogs to the Moraine Valley Community College Library (Palos Hills, IL) community, offering a definition of a blog and links to four library blogs (Library News, Resources & Search Tips, Construction Updates, and the Frankenstein Exhibit) and their most recent entries.

Nance, Mary Beth and Amy Hatfield. “IUSM PDA Weblog.”

Nance and Hatfield’s blog contains “Information from the Indiana University Medical Library about Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) hardware and software.

National Library of Scotland. “News.”

News from the National Library of Scotland.

O'Neill, Jill. “A Current Awareness Weblog for the Information Community.”

O'Neill, Director, Planning and Communications, National Federation of Science Abstracting and Indexing Services (NFSAIS), has a blog which “represents an international cross-section of technology, publishing and information providers. It is a partnership of government, nonprofit and commercial organizations – all sharing a common mission of improved access to, and use of, information.”

The Open Directory Project. “Reference: Libraries: Library and Information Science: Weblogs.”

An annotated list of library/librarian blogs from The Open Directory Project. Listing 336 (as of November 2004).

Orkiszewski, Paul. “The AcqWeblog: Web News for Acquiring Minds.”

Paul Orkiszewski, Appalachian State University, has assumed editorial responsibility for AcqWeb, started by by Anna Belle Leiserson, Webmaster, Vanderbilt University Law School. This blog serves librarians and other professionals interested in acquisitions and collection development.

Pacifica Graduate Institute. “Graduate Research Library.”

A good example of a collaborative library news blog.

Pacifici, Sabrina I. “beSpacific.”

Pacifici has been an active member of the online legal community for many years. She created the webzine LLRX.com in 1996 and is the site's owner, editor, publisher and web manager. She created the journal PLL Perspectives in 1989, and served as its only editor and publisher until 1996. Sabrina has authored many articles on legal technology topics, delivered numerous presentations at professional conferences nationwide, and has been a law firm librarian in Washington, DC for 25 years, the past 20 with a global 50 law firm. She is the web manager of the firm's cyberlaw site and firmwide research intranet, authors in-house blogs, and provides research and practice technology services.

beSpacific “focuses on the expanding resources in the public and private sector related to law and technology news. Daily postings provide updates on issues including copyright, privacy, censorship, the Patriot Act, ID theft, and freedom of information….The weblog was launched to the public January 4, 2003. The archives cover entries back to September 2002.”

Pate, Michael. “LibraryPlanet.com.”

Pate, librarian at Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, subtitles his blog “News With a Library Focus”. His top five categories are public libraries, technology, fair use, intellectual freedom, and biographies.

Pikas, Christina. “CHRISTINA'S LIS RANT.”

Pikas, Technical Librarian, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD, has a blog on “Sci/Tech libraries, special libraries, freedom of information, and open access publishing”. She is a librarian in a “physics, astronomy, math, computer science, and engineering library.”

___. “On Christina's Radar.” http://cpikas.blogspot.com.

Pikas’ “starter blog to post scitech stuff that I run across in my environmental scanning. The main subjects are: math, physics, astronomy, engineering, computer science, etc.”

Price, Gary. “ResourceShelf.”

ResourceShelf: Resources and News for Information Professionals is compiled and edited by Price, librarian, information research consultant, and writer, with contributing editors Shirl Kennedy, Dan Giancaterino, and Steven Cohen. This daily electronic newsletter includes news and other resources of interest to the online researcher. Price has also compiled several well-known web research tools including Price's List of Lists and direct search, a compilation of Invisible Web databases. Price is a frequent speaker at professional and trade conferences, a contributor to Searcher magazine, and the co-author, with Chris Sherman, of The Invisible Web.

“The Reading Room: News About Rare Books and Special Collections.”

A weblog devoted to rare books, archival collections and bibliophilia.

Redwood City Public Library. "Liblog.”

Subtitled “a library and technology oriented weblog” from the Redwood City (CA) Public Library, this blog includes “current web sites and stories dealing with the interface between technology and libraries.”

Reichardt, Randy. “The SciTech Library Question.”

Reichardt, Public Service Librarian, Science and Technology Library, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada: “Occasional postings about issues and concerns of interest (but not restricted to) engineering and scitech librarians.”

Roberts, Gary. “The Library I.T. Blog.”

While Roberts, Information Systems Librarian, Herrick Library, Alfred University, Alfred, NY, isn’t a prolific blogger, his posts are very useful to all academic librarians (not just systems librarians). Roberts has categorized his blog with topics such as Information Literacy, Instructional Technology, Interlibrary Loan, etc. to facilitate finding the information you need.

Rosenfeld, Louis. “Bloug.” http://louisrosenfeld.com/home/.

Louis Rosenfeld's blog, focusing on Information Architecture. Rosenfeld, an independent information architecture consultant, “has been instrumental in helping to establish the field of information architecture, and in articulating the role and value of librarianship within the field.”

Roselle Public Library. “The Blogger Book Club.”

The Blogger Book Club is an “invitation only,” online, book discussion group from the Roselle Public Library, Roselle, IL. “It is an opportunity for kids to share their thoughts and ideas about books, anonymously, at their convenience and from wherever they happen to be (at home, on vacation, in the library... wherever!). Most of the books we will be talking about are nominees for the Rebecca Caudill Young Readers Book Award….The book club is open to kids in grades 4 – 6 who have a valid Library card at any library.”

Rhyno, Art. “LibraryCog.”

Rhyno, Systems Librarian, Leddy Library, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and author of Using Open Source Systems for Digital Libraries, has a blog on “like, you know, library systems and stuff...”

Saecker, Tasha. "Kids Lit."

“Books and More for Kids and Teens” from Saecker, Director, Caestecker Public Library, Green Lake, WI.

Sauers, Michael. “Travelin' Librarian.”

Sauers, Internet Trainer for the Bibliographical Center for Research (BCR) Member Services Division and part-time reference librarian for the Arapahoe County (CO) Library District, is also currently on the Board of Trustees for the Aurora (CO) Public Library and the Friends of the Aurora Public Library. His blog covers a wide range of library issues.

Schmidt, Aaron. “walking paper.”

Schmidt, reference librarian, Thomas Ford Memorial Library, Western Springs, IL, explains the name of his blog: “the term ‘walking paper’ is a way in which I think of new(ish) information technologies. Things like IM and text messaging are like active, animated paper to me. The term also is one letter away from ‘walking papers,’ something that librarians don’t want to be handed (and shouldn’t be handed, if we pay attention) because of technology.” Schmidt’s pioneering use of IM (you get your first clue from the text in his blog) was featured in Library Journal on 11/15/2004

Schneider, Karen G. "Free Range Librarian."

“K.G. Schneider's Postcards from the Edge of Librarianship”; Schneider, Director, Librarians’ Index to the Internet, is on the Web Advisory Committee of the American Library Association, co-moderates the PUBLIB discussion list, and is on the ALA Council.

Schwartz, Greg. “Open Stacks.”

Schwartz, Circulation Support Supervisor, Louisville Free Public Library, Louisville, KY, subtitles his blog “Promoting information access and literacy for all”. Open Stacks contains occasional posts on a wide variety of library issues; Schwartz posts more frequently on LIS Blogsource.

Scott, Peter. "Library Weblogs."

Peter Scott’s comprehensive international list of library blogs from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, and the United States.

Scott, Internet Projects Manager, University of Saskatchewan Library, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, is the creator of Hytelnet, the first electronic browser for Internet resources, and Libdex, the worldwide directory of library homepages, web-based OPACs, Friends of the Library pages, and library e-commerce affiliate links.

Scott, Peter. “Peter Scott's Library Blog.”

Internet and blogging pioneer Peter Scott’s Library News Daily blog has been reincarnated as Peter Scott's Library Blog. Providing “timely and useful information for librarians”, Scott's blog includes issues such as databases, conferences, library services, software, and vendors. It will also provide industry- related links, including listings of new books, journals, and conferences of interest to librarians. From this blog, you can find links to academic, public, school, and special library blogs.

Seeman, Corey. "A Library Writer's Blog."

Seeman, University of Toledo, OH, created a blog to alert fellow librarians to publishing and presentation opportunities in library and information science, as well as other related fields.

Sen-Roy, Mita. “Leddy Library News.”

Sen-Roy, Science Librarian, Reference Department, Leddy Library, University of Windsor, ON, Canada, maintains this blog, which started September 15, 2000 as "an experiment in a local current awareness service….Since then it has evolved as a means to connect the Leddy Library to the lives of its users.”

Shontz, Priscilla and Rich Murray. “LIScareer.”

Shontz, a freelance author and webmaster, has worked in university, community college, medical and public libraries, and is a past president of the ALA New Members Round Table. In September 2004, she invited Rich Murray, Catalog Librarian for Spanish & Portuguese Languages at Duke University, Durham, NC, to serve as assistant editor of LIScareer.

LIScareer offers career development resources for librarians, information professionals, students & those considering a career in library & information science. The site includes practical advice contributed by information professionals, links to online resources, and information about print resources. The site was originally designed as a companion to the book Jump Start Your Career in Library and Information Science and is loosely structured around the same topics: career planning, job hunting, experience, education, interpersonal skills, networking, mentoring, leadership, and publishing. The site, like the book, is primarily aimed at newer librarians and students, though the advice and resources may be useful to you at any stage of your career. This site will also serve as a companion to the book The Librarian's Career Guidebook.”

Smart, Laura J. “RFID in Libraries.”

Smart, Electronic Resources Cataloger, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona: “Tracking technology applications and patron privacy implications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).”

Smith, Norma Jean. “Elementary School Blog.”

Blog of school librarian Smith, “who works in Austin, Texas. Includes sites designed for elementary school teachers and librarians.”

Sondermann, T.J. “On Google Scholar.”

Sondermann, Research and Instruction Librarian, Wheaton College, Norton, MA, has created a blog about Schoogle, the “affectionate” name coined for Google’s new enterprise: “wherein a librarian tracks a paradigm shift. Love it or hate it, the effect will be profound.”

Stephens, Michael. “Tame the Web.”

Written by Stephens, Special Projects Librarian, St. Joseph County Public Library, South Bend, IN, and a member of the IMLS Distance Independent PhD. Cohort, University of North Texas. “Topics include current and future technology uses in libraries, training tips and various other interests concerning library settings.”

Turner, Bill. “Lists Of Bests.”

While this is not a library blog, Turner, who works for Yahoo!, provides a creative example of how blogs can be used by libraries. He has collected all the "best of" books, music, and movie lists in one blog and has set up a vehicle where you can track the books, etc. you’ve read.

The Urbana Free Library. “Library Construction News.”

The Urbana Free Library, Urbana, IL epitomizes a creative use of blogging with their photoblog of news on their renovation.

University of Minnesota. “Uthink: Blogs at the University Libraries.”
University of Minnesota’s University Libraries provide blogs for faculty, staff, and students of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, “intended to support teaching and learning, scholarly communication, and individual expression for the U of M community.” Exceptional example of blogs in academic libraries empowering faculty and students to publish their research and ideas and work collaboratively.

University of Saskatchewan. “Health News.”

Up-to-date health news from the Health Sciences Library, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

The University of Tennessee Libraries. “Alpha Channel: The Studio @ Hodges Library.”

This is one of four “news channels” from The University of Tennessee Libraries. Maintained by Troy Davis, Michelle Brannen, and Matt Denton of the Media Center and Studio, “in addition to serving as an electronic newsletter for library multimedia services, Alpha Channel will also provide information of value and commentary relating to the multimedia universe, digital culture and research, library collections, and media arts.”

___. “SciTech News @ the UT Libraries.”

Maintained by the Library's SciTech librarians (Donna Braquet, Ron Gilmour, Jeaninne Williamson, Lana Dixon, Teresa Berry, Ann Viera, Sandra Leach, and Kay Johnson) “to provide information about scientific resources and science related library news to the science departments at UT”. Additional channels are Electronic Resources Channel
http://www.lib.utk.edu/mt/weblogs/eres/, maintained by Gayle Baker, “to provide our users with up-to-date news and information about databases, electronic journals and other electronic resources at the UT Libraries” and Scholarly Communication @ UT Libraries http://www.lib.utk.edu/mt/weblogs/scholcomm/, maintained by Donna Braquet, to provide “news, commentary, and links about scholarly communications issues in the academy. As suggested by the University of Tennessee Library Representatives, the channel will also publicize actions that UT faculty are taking to promote maximum access to scholarly resources produced by and for the academic community.”

University of Toronto. “Inforumed - The FIS Inforum Blog.”

The Integrated Library and Information Studies Laboratory Blog at the Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto, ON, Canada.


“/usr/lib/info is a collective weblog, used by a motley cabal of hacker/librarians who like chatting about how they go about solving the many problems facing them from day to day, and long-term. /usr/lib/info is marginally different from the many other excellent weblogs out there because it is something more like a journal: we have editorial guidelines, and we encourage original contributions to /usr/lib/info which meet those guidelines.”

Vogel, Teri M. “Webfeeds, Blogs & More.”

Vogel, Science Liaison/Reference Librarian, Georgia State University Library, provides “News and commentary about tools for library and information professionals, including--but not limited to--blogs and webfeeds (RSS).”

Waterboro Public Library (ME). “…h20boro lib blog.”

This public library weblog of literary and library news and resources is an outstanding example of blogs in public libraries.

Webber, Sheila, Bill Johnston, and Stuart Boon. "Information Literacy Weblog."

“The focus of our Information Literacy Weblog is to facilitate the dissemination and sharing of relevant items and information relating to information literacy worldwide…the place to visit if you want to find out about what's going on in the world of information literacy, including upcoming events, recent publications, or new websites on the topic.” Sheila Webber, Lecturer, Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield, UK, is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). Bill Johnston is a Lecturer, Centre for Academic Practice, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. Stuart Boon is a research associate in information literacy, Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield, UK.

West, Jessamyn. “librarian.net: a library weblog.”

West, Reference Librarian, Rutland Free Library, Rutland, VT, ALA Councilor, co-editor of Revolting Librarians Redux, and popular speaker, describes her blog as “links to things online that I think are interesting and thought provoking, as well as some discussion of a few of those topics. I want librarian.net to bring out the librarian flavor on the web.”

Wharton School. “Knowledge@Wharton.”

From the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (PA), comes a collaborative blog: “a bi-weekly online resource that offers the latest business insights, information and research from a variety of sources. These include analysis of current business trends, interviews with industry leaders and Wharton faculty, articles based on the most recent business research, book reviews, conference and seminar reports, links to other web sites and so on. The web site presents information in layers so that users can pursue their interests to whatever depth they wish. An in-depth searchable database of related articles and research abstracts allows access to information through simple mouse clicks.”

Whitehead, Martha. “Libraries & Learning.”

Whitehead, Associate University Librarian, Queen's University Library, Kingston, ON, Canada: “Every day I run across ideas that I'd like to share and discuss with colleagues in my own library and beyond, and that's what I'm doing with this weblog. Its focus is digital information resources and services, learning technologies and libraries' contributions to learning.”

Williams College Libraries. “Sawyer Library Web Team.”

An excellent example of an intranet blog, this is a collaborative blog used by the web team at Williams College Libraries.

Wilson, Thomas Daniel. “Information Research.”

Wilson, Professor Emeritus in Information Management, University of Sheffield, UK, is Publisher of Information Research, “an open access, refereed, electronic journal covering the information field generally, that is, information management, information science,information systems, records management, and librarianship…The aim of this Weblog is to enable readers of Information Research to exchange information on publications, Web sites, or whatever, that they've come across that may be of interest to others.”

Wright, Stephanie. “TechnoBiblio.”

Wright’s blog, “Where librarians and technogeeks speak the same language…is intended to provide a resource for the latest news, opinions, discussions, and just about anything we can come up with that focuses on technology and how it relates to the library and information science world.”

Zammarelli, Chris. “Censoround.”

Edited by Zammarelli, who writes the “Banned Bookslut” column for Bookslut, formerly L.A.C.K. (Librarians Are Corrupting Kids), Censoround “is a newsblog providing updates about book challenges and other free speech issues in the United States.”

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